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Financial issues

Is it possible to increase the size of the investment package?

Yes, at any time you can deposit additional funds and make an upgrade of the investment package.

Is there a minimum and maximum amount of the deposit?

 We offer investment packages with a fixed cost. The minimum package is 10 euro, the maximum - 14 580 euro. At the same time, we don't limit investors about the number of packages, i.e. You can purchase two, three or more maximum packages.

Why do I need Yoshi? What are the prospects for this currency?

Yoshi is a one more source of profit for our investors. Because the fact that the amount of this currency is limited by the number of 42 million, and the need for it is constantly increasing - there is a growing rate. This means that when you deduce a certain amount in Yoshi, you will get profit from the difference in rates compared to the day of deposit replenishment.

In addition, before the end of 2018, iSeiko plans to introduce a new cryptocurrency of the 2nd generation, which will replace Yoshi. The remain on the balance and all amounts that will be in the user's personal cabinet at that time will automatically be transferred to the new cryptocurrency.

What is Yoshi? Can I use it for calculations outside the iSeiko system?

Yoshi is an electronic currency that operates inside the iSeiko system. The Yoshi exchange rate in relation to major currencies and cryptocurrencies is displayed on the main page of the site. All funds entered into the system are converted into Yoshi. With deduction of funds, there is a reverse conversion under the rate actual to the present day. Outside iSeiko system, the Yoshi currency can not be used for now.

In what currency should I deposit my money?

You can refill the account in euro, bitcoins or cryptocurrency ethereum. After crediting to the deposit, these funds will be converted into the internal currency of the system - Yoshi.

Through which payment systems can I replenish my deposit?

Our site supports such payment systems:

*   Klick&Pay 

*   Advanced Cash 

*   Bitcoin

*   Ethereum

*   Payeer


*   Skrill

*   Visa\Mastercard

*   Payza

*   Xapo

*   AsiaPay

This list will be further expanded. In the personal  you can see which payment systems and cryptocurrencies are available at the moment, and choose the appropriate during replenishing the deposit.

Where can I see the registration documents of iSeiko?

The company works legally and is officially registered in Hong Kong and the Seychelles. 

How can I add an electronic wallet to my account?

This option is available in your profile settings. You can enter data about the payment system or change it at anytime by confirming the changes via SMS or e-mail.

Is there any financial reports on the activities of traders?

Of course. ISeiko provides reports to investors and partners every week.

How can I transfer funds to iSeiko trust management?

When registering on the site, each user receives his own deposit account. You can replenish the deposit by using one of the payment systems.


Can I register more than one account in my name to receive more profit?

Creating of multi-accounts is prohibited - each user can have only one account. On our service there are more effective and convenient ways to increase profit - through the investment and partner program.

SMS with confirmation of registration isn't delivered to the specified number. What to do?

Verify that the number is correct. If there are no errors - contact technical support by filling out the feedback form here.

What are the registration terms for iSeiko?

The only one required condition for participation in the investment and partnership program, and therefore, for registration in the system - is adult age. Registration is open to all people regardless the country of residence.

How to register on the iSeiko website?

To register, click "Register" button and fill out all the forms in the opened tab. During  you will receive a referral link, through which you can later build your own partner structure.

Is it necessary to indicate phone number during registration?

Phone number is required to send a confirmation of registration to this number. In addition, in the future, you will be able to sign in through an SMS confirmation.

We guarantee that the information provided by you stay confidential and will not be transferred to other persons.

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