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Growth of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies company’s earnings for the summer quarter

From the end of July there was an abrupt increase in the rate of the crypto-currencies. In particular, this affected the well-known Bitcoin. Due to such positive dynamics, our company's earnings for the summer quarter made up 423% of the initially foreseeable profit.
But with such a drastic increase in profits, an experienced trader will not rush to conclusions, because he knows that the economic system, if we present it in a form of a graph, has a linear appearance with a pronounced dynamics only in the long run, while for the smaller periods of time it will always take the form of a parabola and have its oscillations equal in amplitude. Our best financiers conducted a large-scale work on strategic planning of internal development. Thus, not only has our company survived the subsequent recession, typical for a small period in the fluctuation of the exchange rate, but also managed to retain the already existing positive dynamics of profit growth.

Launching the platform

The official launch of ISEIKO's Internet platform took place on June 1st, 2017. Such a swiftly developing company as ours simply could not do without a convenient and simple way of interacting with the new investors, as well as with yet only potential ones. Our developers and analysts worked hard to create a structure that would expand our capabilities and allow us to remotely regulate all the new unique projects of the company. One of them was the Yoshi currency, which is already in use within the platform. In the future, it will be introduced to the international market as an independent crypto currency.

Start of our work in Europe and the CIS

After the recent drastic increase of the crypto-currencies rates in late July, the company's management made an urgent decision to accelerate the start of working with European and CIS countries. Thus, on July 24th, 2017 the company began to actively operate on these territories, which are still new for us. We are glad to inform you that ISEIKO has quickly gained the trust of foreign investors.
Also, in the nearest future, the company will start its work on other continents. According to official information, this important event will happen at the very beginning of August.

Start of our work in Latin America

ISEIKO expands its boundaries and now operates on several continents! On August 3rd, 2017 there was an official launch on the territory of Latin America. Since it was very important for us to take a leading position as a competitive company, a lot of effort was put on the high-quality organization of the implemented policy, which guarantees high profitability and already begins to bear fruit.

Launch in Africa

ISEIKO Company continues to develop new territories! Today, on August 15th, 2017, we begin our work in Africa. This is truly a major event for our company. After all, if you reject all prejudices, Africa is the most convenient place for the development of any business. It really has plenty of things to work with. There is always a demand for which you can create an almost unlimited offer. Also, at the moment, we are working on a project that can benefit the economies of developing countries in the future.

Launch in the USA

The start of ISEIKO's work in the USA is a truly long-awaited event. The official launch was carried out on August 17th, 2017. Preparation for the launch took quite a long time, everything was thought through to the smallest detail. We needed to carefully think over the working process and calculate all the risks, both legal and financial ones. The registration of the documents, the creation of the most comfortable conditions, the choice of a convenient location and the elaborated policy of the company – all of these components were achieved with our diligent work. And all this was done for the sake of our primary goal, which is the creation of a smooth launch with a stable positive development dynamics. ISEIKO creates confidence in the future!

Launching our new website

Not so long ago, the launch of the new ISEIKO website took its place. The reason for the emergence of the new Internet platform was the need to create more comfortable conditions for our international work. The new domain (ISEIKO.IO) is not much different from the old one (ISEIKO.JP), and also the old site is still functioning in the same mode and the news is regularly updated there. This modernization performs a necessary expansion in the process of operation of such a large company as ours.